Greetings to all.  The goal of this blog is to do what its name implies: to discuss difficult topics, by which I mean topics that are taboo, complex, or otherwise under-studied.  We shall do this from a Christian perspective, but all are welcome to read and comment.  I personally am a Christian of the Anglican tradition.  To be fair, I grew up in a school with Hindus and Muslims, attending a nondenominational church, so I am now something that I was not before.  I am also a philosophical devotee of Aristotle, believing in the value of the particulars over the Forms and in the centrality of moderation in all things.

A couple of warnings: I am extremely impatient with those who use the internet to hurt others, and also with those who attack my arguments in a way that shows more respect for their own lax/legalistic opinion than for the truth.  For this reason, the comments shall be heavily moderated, and those who write discouraging things or attack others shall no longer be welcome.  Secondly, the contents of this blog, by nature, will be difficult subjects, so those who are sensitive to these things may not want to read on.  Remember, however, that I strive to show patience and gentleness in all things.  I reserve my harshest words not for the sinner, but for the cleric, and I hope that everyone who reads my articles leaves feeling better than before.  “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD God of Hosts.”

(notice: I am inept at operating websites, so if you really want to see all the things I have written, look under the archive, not the poorly constructed menus)